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Akademi Aberkyn menawarkan program terbuka untuk para pemimpin yang ingin memperdalam transformasi pribadinya dan keterampilan kepemimpinan perubahannya.

Memfasilitasi Transformasi melalui Nilai

Program ini membantu para pemimpin untuk sepenuhnya bersikap otentik dan berani dalam kepemimpinannya, memimpin dengan tujuan.

Memfasilitasi Transformasi melalui Nilai Program didasarkan pada nilai dan tingkat kesadaran diri, dan tetap berakar pada bisnis. Aberkyn adalah mitra Corporate Evolution untuk menghadirkan pekerjaan transformasi mendalam ini ke dunia bisnis. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang FTV, silakan klik di sini.

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Deep Dives on LOTUS Self

The following workshops are Deep Dives on the LOTUS Self course. We are seeding these capabilities already in the LOTUS Self Facilitator Development Program and the Deep Dives are the way to further deepen. 

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Work with love energy in groups and organizations

Experiential learning is the foundation of the work of Piet Weisfelt. As co–founder of Phoenix and later Weisfelt & Partners in The Netherlands, Piet has developed an extensive curriculum on personal and group transformation based on creating experiences. 

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CTT 1 & 2 Practitioners Training 2019

The CTT accreditation training (Cultural Transformational Tools) will provide you with the accreditation using Barrett Values Centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT).
The training will enable you to foster cultural transformation in a variety of business settings, leadership teams and individuals and you will become to feel confident to use the 7 levels of consciousness model & diagnosis with knowledge and integrity.

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System Dynamics Training course

Constellations is a method to explore the half– and subconscious dynamics and patterns in organizational systems. Identifying those patterns and dynamics can help to deal with them more effectively, let them go or even change them.

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The Leadership Circle Profile training (LCP)

Together with The Leadership Circle , Aberkyn offers a fully automized 360 survey along the line of Creative Competencies (above the line behavior) and Reactive Tendencies (below the line habits of thought that drive actions). After completing this training, you will be accredited to work with this 360 tool.

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Menyentuh jiwa komunitas

Aberkyn memandang melampaui masa sekarang untuk mengeksplorasi kemungkinan yang ada di masa depan.

Menyentuh Jiwa Komunitas (“Touching the Community Soul”) merupakan suatu program yang dirancang untuk menemukan cara–cara baru merespons berbagai krisis yang kita hadapi saat ini, dan untuk mengeksplorasi, melalui pengalaman, berbagai kemungkinan tentang seperti apa organisasi di masa depan.

Program ini terdiri dari empat sesi dua hari, dimulai pada bulan April 2016.

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Organizational Constellations Intervision

Organizational constellations provide a view of an organization from a systemic perspective (the whole). The client brings in the organizational question (e.g. why something is stuck) and would like to get a view on the whole. By setting up elements in the system we bring alive the overview of how the whole is relating to one another. 

Constellations set the field in motion from a whole system perspective. In Aberkyn this is one of the source energies which puts into motion transformation at the whole system level. 

Lead : Laura van der Linden and Beatrijs Verploeg

Dates for constellations intervision within Aberkyn:

– September 12 , (morning) 2019 – Aberkyn, Straatweg 68, Breukelen,  The Netherlands

– November 28 , (morning ) 2019 – Aberkyn, Straatweg 68, Breukelen,  The Netherlands

– January 23, (morning) 2020 – Aberkyn, Straatweg 68, Breukelen,  The Netherlands

At the moment there is no in company training planned, we recommend the Hellinger Institute.

More information: please contact academy@aberkyn.com.

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