Team Development

High performing senior teams are critical to an organization’s success.

Aberkyn’s team development programs help build the capabilities of a high performing team that is effective in bringing about transformation in the organization.

Typical situations where Aberkyn is engaged to design and deliver top team development are:

  • New team leader
  • New strategy
  • Re–energizing and re–focusing the team
  • Dysfunctional patterns in team collaboration

4 Pillars of High Performance Teams

To operate successfully, senior leadership teams need to focus on four dimensions: configuration, alignment, interaction, and renewal.

Configuration covers the design of the team with clear roles, capabilities and the right mandate.


Alignment is about the quality of direction: having a shared view and commitment on where to lead the organization and how to get there.


Interaction focuses on the quality of the team’s dialogue: establishing high–quality interactions in the top team to drive performance.


Renewal is the capacity in the team to reflect on blind spots and ensuring its ability to adapt to change.



Aberkyn helps teams to excel across these four dimensions by designing team journeys that consist of a diagnostic phase, followed by series of workshops.  In–between workshops we organize field–work (on the job meeting observation, coaching) to deepen the learning.  

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Supervisory Board Assessment

Supervisory Boards need to operate as a high performance team, in order to fulfil their role as sounding boards, advisors and challengers.

Some Corporate Governance Codes require that Supervisory Boards conduct annual evaluations. Aberkyn diagnoses the critical performance levers of the Board to determine the quality of its:

  • Capabilities: awareness level of its performance and clarity on its members’ personal development needs
  • Relationships: vis–à–vis internal and external stakeholders
  • Interactions: productive dialogue and ability to challenge each other as well as the Managing Board
  • Compliance: with the Board’s role requirements 

Building on the diagnosis Aberkyn offers tailor–made programs that strengthen the Board’s capabilities. We work with two–tier Boards and one–tier Boards.

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