Change Management

Change initiatives occur all the time – but 70% of them fail mainly because aspects of human and organizational behavior are not properly addressed.

Aberkyn accelerates the implementation of an organization’s restructuring program by fully engaging people’s emotional side in the change process.

Our programs include embracing the purpose of the transformation and understanding what one’s personal role is: moving people from a place of fear to one of possibility by shifting the underlying mindsets to drive performance.

Culture Change

Increasing organizational health is a competitive advantage for the organization.

Aberkyn believes that organizations should not change their culture but transform it – by shifting behaviors and their underlying mindsets. An organization’s culture (health) improves when the leaders adopt management practices that support the aspiration. In cooperation with McKinsey, our approach to culture transformation is to:

Set the Aspiration:


We identify with the top leadership team where it wants to take the organization and what behaviors are needed to get there.

Assess the current reality:


We work with diagnostic instruments such as McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) or Barrett’s Value Assessment tool to identify the most needed shifts in behaviors.



How to shift behaviors and mindsets.

Act towards adopting the leadership practices:


Through social network analysis we mobilize a group of ‘Culture Champions’ to make change happen: well–performing middle managers that are highly regarded by their colleagues and seen as influencers.



Shifting behaviors in organizations takes time and continuous effort over a 3–5 year period. Aberkyn facilitates a cascade of leadership development workshops from the top down and develops in–house facilitators of transformation.


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CEO Succession

CEO succession and on–boarding processes make or break the success of the role of the CEO, the most important position in an organization.

Aberkyn supports organizations in the process leading up to CEO succession and in on–boarding the new CEO in her/his team. This includes defining the role, purpose and work of the team, mapping stakeholders’ expectations and defining decision rights, while also understanding the sources of success and pitfalls and how to address these.

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Agile Organizations

The ways to organize work have evolved over the years, from ‘command and control’ authority to ‘being values–led’, ‘full empowerment’ and beyond.

Aberkyn helps clients adopt new ways of organizing according to the principles of Agile or Teal organizations (Frederic Laloux).

These organizations are driven by an evolutionary purpose, adopt forms of self–organization and embed practices that allow people to be ‘whole’ – i.e. to fully bring themselves to work and not hold back, while continuously working on their personal growth.

This translates into greater employee engagement, boosts an organization’s creativity and innovative power and accelerates decision–making and action. Aberkyn guides organizations through the evolution of their values towards becoming an Agile or Teal organization.

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