Aberkyn Academy

The Aberkyn Academy offers open programs for leaders seeking to deepen their personal transformation and change leadership skills.

Aberkyn Academy

Facilitator Development

For large–scale transformations, a roll–out of the leadership development program can best be carried out by client–internal facilitators.

Aberkyn’s methodology for selecting, training and coaching internal facilitators of transformation ensures and solidifies the embedding of behavioral transformation.

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LOTUS: Facilitator for transformation program

This program assists leaders to be truly authentic and courageous in their leadership, leading with purpose.

The LOTUS Program is based on values and levels of consciousness, while grounded in business. Aberkyn brings deep transformation work to the business world.

For more information on the LOTUS program please contact Linda Hiemstra (linda.hiemstra@aberkyn.com).

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CTT 1 & 2 Practitioners Training 2018

The CTT accreditation training (Cultural Transformational Tools) will provide you with the accreditation using Barrett Values Centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT).
The training will enable you to foster cultural transformation in a variety of business settings, leadership teams and individuals and you will become to feel confident to use the 7 levels of consciousness model & diagnosis with knowledge and integrity.

The CTT accreditation Practitioners Training consists of the following pillars: mastering plot reading (diagnosis), creating mission–vision–values statements (direction) and whole system change/business transformation (implementation).
After being CTT certified you are able to purchase the assessments tools at the Barrett Values Centre and to set up your own cultural transformation projects. Next to that you’ll have access to MyCTT, a rich library of materials, business cases, benchmarks and contracts.

We recommend you to try the free of charge Personal Values assessment, which gives you an insight of the approach.
This video will give you an introduction to the tool: CTT  introduction video

Dates: October 10–12, 2018, The Netherlands (3–day intensive, incl evenings). 

Price: €2.650, – excl VAT. This includes the full CTT accreditation and license for the Values Centre tools and instruments, plus access to the knowledge library and it’s international network of practitioners.

For more information and registration, please contact Linda Hiemstra (linda.hiemstra@aberkyn.com).

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Organizational Constellations

Imagine what would happen in an orchestra, if the 2nd violinist went to stand in the place of the conductor who, sat in for the 1st oboist, who in turn left altogether! What would the music sound like? And how long would the orchestra survive?

To work effectively an organization needs to ensure that everyone finds their distinct place in the organization system.

Organizational constellations (based on family constellations) provide amazing insights into team dynamics. These insights into hidden team dynamics can bring renewed energy, balance and clarity of direction to the team.

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Inspiring Self Training

Becoming a more conscious leader requires a higher level of personal mastery. This means to have self–awareness that enables us to observe the bigger picture of where we are heading and the alignment of day–to–day behaviors with our vision and our deep inner purpose.

This 2–day transformation journey results into insights that impact your team and organization by stepping into your full purpose and potential, through your values, enhancing your personal and professional leadership.

Dates: T.B.D.

For more information please contact Linda Hiemstra (linda.hiemstra@aberkyn.com)

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Touching the community soul

Aberkyn looks beyond the present to explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

“Touching the Community Soul” is a program designed to discover new ways of responding to the various crises we face today, and to explore through experience the possibilities of what organizations of the future could look like.

The program consists of four two–day sessions.

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