LOTUS Self: Facilitator of Transformation Program

Our signature Program for Facilitation of Transformation is called LOTUS: Living Our Truth Unified in Service. The program brings together on ancient wisdom, science and business expertise in an integral approach.

Lead Trainer: Françoise Gielen

At Aberkyn it is our purpose to create a nurturing community for Facilitators of Transformation. Together we serve clients around the globe in expanding their consciousness, so they transform themselves, their teams and their organizations to be a force for good in the world.

We believe that what you bring in facilitation of transformation depends for the largest part on who you are as a human being. Strongly supported by your facilitation skills and the content you master. To find out what becomes possible after completion of the two–week LOTUS Self program, please check out the flyer.

Dear Lotus Friends,

Given the fact that we have no guarantee of in-person training being a reality by end of 2020, we unfortunately needed to decide to postpone our next Lotus program till we can ensure an in-person component.

This is what we feel is needed to deliver the highest quality.

Dates will be decided as soon as there is more clarity. Hopefully the beginning of 2021.

Please visit our website frequently for the latest updates.

The Lotus Team

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