Deep Dives on LOTUS Self

The following workshops are Deep Dives on the LOTUS Self course. We are seeding these capabilities already in the LOTUS Self Facilitator Development Program and the Deep Dives are the way to further deepen. 

Brainwaves & consciousness 

Lead Trainer: Annette Gudde

In the workshop Brainwaves & Consciousness, you will personally experience and master different states of consciousness by exploring your brainwaves. We will practice a particularly beneficial state of consciousness called the Awakened Mind State, which leads to enhancement of creativity, self–mastery, personal transformation and insight. In this state, different brainwave frequencies (beta, alpha, theta and delta) are present at the same time, in harmony and flow. You will develop a sense of how different brainwave states feel to you, along with (meditation) practices you can continue for yourself for optimum consciousness development. You will receive personal feedback on your brainwave patterns, using an EEG monitor (the MindMirror). 

Dates & Venue: September 19–21, 2018

Kloosterhotel ZIN, Vught, The Netherlands.

Tuition fee: €1.250, – excluding VAT, travel & lodging.

Storytelling and Executive presence 

Lead Trainer: Israel Oyelumade

A 2–day experiential masterclass in the art of storytelling, oratory dynamics & executive presence. 

Have you ever wanted to speak in such a way that causes people to listen, transfixed by what you say? This workshop is for those who want to gain a better understanding in the power of narrative, storytelling structures and the spoken word. 

For those who want to build their gravitas and improve their presentation presence whilst “holding” the room.

“Words are just letters on a page – give them to the right conductor and you have a narrative symphony” … 

You will leave this workshop with new insights about the power of the spoken word and the unique energy they carry. 

Dates & Venue: coming soon (NL)

Tuition fee: €500, – excluding VAT, travel & lodging.

Mastering your energy

Trainers: Jyotish Patel & Robin Groeneveld

Mastering your energy is focused on mastering your own energy, how to read and influence the room, and how to use this in powerful facilitation. Through energy body work and energy meditations, you learn how to raise your consciousness and strengthen your energy field. You learn how to use the connection with nature to raise your consciousness and how to work with crystals in creating powerful energy for yourself, the people you work with and the room you are in. 

Dates: Coming soon

Venue: Aberkyn office, Breukelen

Tuition fee: €1.400,– excluding VAT, travel & lodging.

For more information: please contact


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