Uniting to transform

A new CEO was appointed to lead a large multinational. 

Early in the role, she remarked that her executive team had become used to working individually, each driving for their own financial targets in splendid isolation. Most contact between the different divisions had also been via the CEO; team members did very little together directly. Formal meetings had been long PowerPoint affairs, with little genuine support or debate.

Working with McKinsey & Company to create a big culture transformation and implement an updated business strategy, the CEO realised she needed to invest in building her executive team. Our practitioners worked with her and the team to enable them to define the required transformation for themselves; to live it out; and to lead from the front.

Clear results

To quote the CEO directly, the executive team is now “motivated, aligned and fully engaged”. The leadership guidelines have been communicated throughout the organisation of 35,000 people and the executive team members are supporting one another. “This would not have been imaginable, nor possible,” the CEO said, “without your outstanding facilitation. We did, in fact, go slow to go fast.”

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