True Collaboration

A team of directors were leading over 1,000 people in the IT division of a large financial services company.

Initially, the directors had focused on rationalising their own departments, in order to increase data security and reduce the risk of systems down time. In the course of this process, they decided to broaden their approach to include more end–to–end working across their divisions.

Building trust

Aberkyn worked with the leadership team to improve collaboration. We helped build trust and increase mutual understanding of each leader’s own character before reaching explicit agreements on team behaviour.

One participant summed it up: “I have never been in a workshop before where we connected so deeply, so rapidly. We had the dialogue that was needed to transform our team effectiveness.”

Constructive debate

After working with Aberkyn’s facilitators, the team learned to put their collective goals before those of their own departments. They were enabled to trust each other’s business judgements, to help each other out where needed, and to have robust conversations when things don’t go to plan.

This new way of working together led to better decisions and helped the team reach their ultimate goal of increasing IT effectiveness while reducing costs by 30%.

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