Lifting barriers to success

When a new CEO was appointed at a multinational tech company, he saw the culture of the organisation as a barrier to success.

While the company had many talented people, the working environment was one of limited ownership with too much focus on process, rather than results. This damaged the speed of innovation, productivity, and overall performance.

Culture transformation

Aberkyn and McKinsey & Company worked with the CEO to design a culture transformation program that would change behaviors and unhelpful mindsets.

We developed a three–day leadership workshop, which we ran first with the Executive Committee. They were so impressed by the impact the workshop had on their effectiveness as a team that they became active ambassadors for rolling out the workshops more widely in the organization.

All top 1500 leaders are now participating in the three–day program and we have created a new two–day program for leaders below the top 1500.

Transforming the company

“First I was skeptical,” said one member of the Executive Committee, “but now I strongly believe in the success of the transformation. We are changing the entire company at the same time.”

Another participant noted: “After the program, we truly felt connected as a team. We started to have discussions we never expected to have.”

Case Studies

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