Developing the top 500

The CEO of a tech company was facing a hangover from the firm’s past as a start–up: its leaders were innovative engineers but not effective managers.

To run this multinational company well and deliver the business strategy, the CEO needed his team to embrace a new form of leadership with much more focus on structure, processes, and the development of people. Replacing the current team wasn’t practical or desirable, so the CEO had to develop their leadership abilities.

Tailored program

Aberkyn and McKinsey & Company worked jointly with the CEO and the HR director to develop a tailored leadership capability program for the top 500 leaders. This program combined a series of two– to three–day workshops with individual coaching.

The workshops included both the content side of management (such as solving complex business issues and structuring presentations) and the behavioral side (including how to run performance discussions and inspiring others to action).

In parallel, the client was trained and empowered to facilitate the program; they now run it in–house, without the support of Aberkyn or McKinsey & Company.

Positive reception

After the program was rolled out, the CEO said he now sees “true appetite for people to change” while the CFO was struck at the difference we made when simulating a top 20 meeting.

A senior manager in our program believes it “changes our company for the future” and noticed a major difference in the performance of his team.

Case Studies

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