Our Values

Our values are central to being both a high impact professional service firm and a vibrant intentional community. They are a direct expression of how we work and what we  offer. They thus help us form meaningful relationships with each other, our clients and partners, based on shared principles.

values diagram

Serving our clients to make a difference

  • We enable clients to live their purpose and desired values
  • We work with clients from a whole system perspective
  • We meet clients where they are
  • We listen deeply and generatively to what wants to emerge

Quality & excellence

  • We uphold the highest professional standards
  • We deliver with high intention and full attention
  • We act as one firm and bring the best of Aberkyn to our clients
  • We continuously improve the way we work

Trust & empowerment

  • We take ownership for what we attract and create
  • We create space for each other to grow and flourish
  • We live and work in the moment of ‘now’
  • We create a safe space for people to speak their truth

Wholeness & wellbeing

  • We embody the deepest essence of our work
  • We bring our whole self to work and live our own purpose
  • We see wholeness in others and honor their unique path and purpose
  • We care for our own and other’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing


  • We embrace upsets and turn them into set–ups for our growth
  • We speak our truth with clarity and compassion
  • We challenge others and ourselves to accelerate our personal growth
  • We process tensions and give direct and honest feedback