Kathrin Dahm

 I am passionate about designing and facilitating effective interventions around leadership development and transformation. 

I help organizations to thrive by designing learning environments that enable people to get truly connected with themselves and their own sense of purpose, and which leverage meaningful human connection and collaboration, which I consider to be a key driver for business success. I believe in the potential of people to learn and grow. Therefor I love to stimulate meaningful reflections, leveraging peoples‘ level of consciousness whilst building on their own experiences.

My clients attest me a strength to understand the human and environmental context of those I serve as well as to create an atmosphere of openness and trust allowing real transformation to happen.

I currently live in Hannover, Germany. I love connecting with people, traveling, cooking & eating, mountain–biking, running, yoga and meditation. To continuously challenge myself, once a year I am doing something which truly drives me out of my comfort zone (e.g. a Musical–Workshop without any prior experience in singing and acting)



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