Anne Owen

I work with leadership teams and executives on projects to transform culture and behaviour in themselves and others. My career has spanned the public, commercial and third sector and I fit enthusiastically in all three, enjoying the different approaches and cultures and learning from each.

My relationships with clients are long–lasting and I am described as combining a high level of intelligent perceptiveness, intuition and care whilst getting to the heart of the matter quickly and with a great sense of humour. If I had a motto it would be ‘seriousness of purpose, levity of approach’. Hard work doesn’t need to feel hard.

Before Aberkyn

I trained as a psychologist and started life in public service, working at individual level (rehabilitation) and organisation level (impact of policy). I was a Partner at Sheppard Moscow Ltd for 20 years and made a long and successful contribution to the partnership, in leadership, commercial, client relationship and IP terms. I have worked in a very broad range of industry sectors over the last 20 years, with projects including leadership development for High Potentials; shifting culture and HR practices to support more women getting through to senior levels; working with broken and ‘stuck’ teams; and creating new cultures and relationships in the aftermath of merger.

I have a track record of transforming teams and relationships in teams; and in working with executives whose careers are in danger of de–railing due to their interpersonal impact. When working I draw on data from my thinking, emotions and body and encourage my clients to do the same.  I am hugely committed to continued learning and growth in myself and my clients and bring curiosity and enthusiasm to the challenge of change.

Beyond Aberkyn

I live in Southwest London in an area filled with parks, close to the river Thames. I love to spend time outdoors, walking, running and rowing. I have 2 children and a very silly dog and love to do things with my hands… playing piano, crafting materials, cakes. I also practice yoga, pilates and ballroom dancing. 




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