Malti Bhojwani

I am devoted to helping to facilitate deep transformation through self awareness and self acceptance and I do this via personalised executive coaching, writing books and facilitating change workshops.

My strengths lie in being able to connect deeply with people using empathy and my sense of humour. I’m a strategic activator who can help inspire change and action and I’m passionate about somatic and body work. It’s the music, movement and vulnerability of emotions clearly expressed linguistically that people most connect with in sessions with me.

I was the senior buyer for an online department store and prior to that the business development manager for an importer and distributor of home and giftware in Australia. I am also a certified Gemologist. Having lived in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and India, I have had experience in many fields before immersing myself in personal development, professional coaching and facilitating. I designed, facilitated and coached programs for senior leaders in large corporations including Microsoft, Thoughtworks, PepsiCo to name a few and worked with entrepreneurs and artists internationally.

I am the author of a number of books: The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach; Don’t Think of a Blue Ball (translated into Bahasa Indonesia as “Buat Apa Susah”); Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude and an audio book, “Decide, Declare, Achieve – If Not Now, then When?”

My daughter now all grown up and also an author is my deepest love. I practice TM (Transcendental Meditation), Yoga, love walking, dancing, music and most of all I love to write and edit for aspiring writers.