Jeroen Hilberts

Jeroen  Hilberts

My purpose is to discover and develop potential in leadership teams by facilitating dialogue. I focus on senior leadership teams in business. My passion is to bring these teams from dutiful role–play (in which they just give what is being asked) to extraordinary collaboration (in which they give what they have to offer from their deepest being, working towards a collective purpose).

By unlocking potential within and between leaders, a new depth and intensity appears in relationships and energy starts to flow freely. This creates room for growth of the individual and stronger collective leadership, resulting in a better functioning of the whole organization. My clients describe me as sharp and sensitive, empathetic, and challenging.

My focus has always been on the combination of business and people: I have been a Human Resources Manager for Unilever, an HR Management Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a Partner of an executive search firm, and Principal Consultant at an organizational development boutique.

I graduated in Business Administration, majoring in Organisational Psychology, from the University of Groningen in 1991. I have pursued extensive training in Human Development (at Unilever and PwC), Integrative Psychology (at ITIP) and Advanced Personal Mastery (at Gita Bellin & Associates).

I am a husband and father to two teenage children and consider raising them, alongside my wife Alette, one of my most meaningful and challenging life commitments. My other passions include sailing, running, football, and mountain biking.

Contact +31(0)6 4619 8911

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