Marc Padberg

Marc Padberg

My purpose is to facilitate the transformation of individuals, leadership teams and organizations to become sources of meaning and extraordinary value. The heart of my work is realizing the potential we all have to be a force of inspired creation. By growing as individuals and teams, we contribute more and more to our own well being and that of our families, our organization, its clients and the wider world.

My focus is on the effectiveness and alignment of senior leadership teams, and on designing and facilitating leadership development and transformation programs. Alongside that, I coach executives to move to the next level of their leadership and help teams resolve cooperation challenges and conflicts.

My clients describe me as bringing safety and clarity. When working with me they sense an openness in which everything is welcome. In my interventions, my business experience and the precision of my observations come together.

I started my working life at DSM, in positions in finance and marketing & sales. After that, I moved to The Boston Consulting Group, where I deepened my knowledge of corporate strategy across several industries, and was a Director at the Dutch mental health conglomerate Parnassia.

Since 2008, I have led my own organizational health practice, working as a transformational leadership coach and facilitator.

I hold degrees in business administration from the University of Groningen (1991) and in chartered controlling (RC) from the University of Maastricht (1995). I am a certified coach with The MMS Worldwide Institute (2008) and have completed several leadership development programs, including Bio–Energetics at ITIP, Constellation Work at the Hellinger Institute and Advanced Personal Mastery at Gita Bellin & Associates.

I live with my wife Elma and our daughter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Alongside finding fulfillment in being a husband and father, I love singing, long distance hiking, running, yoga and meditation, and being in the mountains.

Contact +971 50 801 7514