Colette Ruoff

I integrate my business experience with a deep understanding of how people grow, change and evolve. Clients describe me as warm, articulate and engaging. I help leaders connect to their own deeper knowing and create meaningful connections with each other, allowing them to collaboratively solve complex problems together

For 11 years, I worked in the financial services industry as a lending officer and investment manager, leading deals and teams. And for the last 20 years, I have been facilitating growth and transformation for Leaders, Teams and Organizations, with the aim of helping people make better decisions together, and more effectively responding to complex challenges, to achieve their missions, and create a better world

I live in the Hudson Valley with my partner, David, and my dog Kali, and enjoy hiking, biking and kayaking in the mountains and rivers. I am most at home in nature and have spent considerable time in the the wilderness. I also run a community arts organization, called SageArts, which artistically celebrates the lives of elders and challenges limiting beliefs of the ‘third stage’ of life. I practice meditation and Qi Gong


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