Dagmar Stübel

I am a good listener and communicator, so I became a wholehearted facilitator who believes in the worthiness of all people. 

Since over 20 years I work in the field of change management and transformation. As a consultant and coach I saw a lot of people and organizations change and I saw how difficult it is without a real purpose, authenticity and heart. Connecting with other people is one of my strengths. I like hosting and guiding them through a creative process and sometimes on a difficult journey. I believe in lifelong transformation and aim to continuously explore and evolve. I like to experiment, reflect and learn by applying and combining methods like Design Thinking, Scrum, World Café, Open Space, Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, Liberating Structures and more. My goal is to make the world a more courageous place by helping people learn how to overcome their fear, to show up, be seen, and live brave. 

Important persons in my life in Berlin are my husband, my son, my stepsons and close friends. Being with my dog gives me the calmness and energy I also need for my life.



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