Rhea D’souza

I am a designer, facilitator, coach and strategy advisor to clients and institutions, who wishes to build a more interconnected and inclusive world through helping Organizations and leaders reconnect with their purpose and build connected tribes.

This journey of 25+ years has been one of curiosity, frustration and eventually wonder and humility. I grew up in India, learning from nature and this still continues to be me biggest teacher in inclusive design. My work has been one of looking at the hairy audacious challenges and seeing how am I to play a role in being/providing a solution, then offering it. Serving and being of use to the world at large has been one of my best business strategies. I have worked as a leadership facilitator, coach and consultant across geographies and industries, mostly with senior leadership teams. I have also been associated with educational institutions, in designing and delivering interventions for future leaders who are heretics willing to dare to dream of a different world starting with themselves. Leadership for me is an emergent phenomena, one that needs synergy. I believe our two most deep seated needs for creating synergy are for Meaning and Membership. My purpose is to develop leaders and design an environment for leadership that builds tribes and help people meet BOTH these needs without the need for a divide.

I live with my husband and son in Mumbai. My roots are from Goa, a city which is built on trust, inclusion and celebration. I am also very actively engaged with Initiative of Change an NGO working with Values based living and livelihood, conscious capitalism, and gender diversity. I love poetry, nature, drums and quantum physics.



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