Stefan Pap

My passion is helping leaders create high performing organizations that are built on a strong purpose and offer employees the opportunity to realize their full potential. 

Having worked as a strategy consultant, manager of large transformation initiatives, and executive coach, I’ve realized over the last 20 years how important the personal element is in organizational transformations: organizations as such don’t transform, people do. And any successful change needs to start with a personal commitment of the leaders of an organization. This realization set me off on a personal transformation from the highly cognitive world of corporate finance consulting to coaching and facilitation.

Today, I work with executives, teams, and organizations to help them realize their purpose and design meaningful change programs. To complement my practical experiences, I’ve completed a degree in organizational psychology (consulting and coaching for change) at INSEAD and various coaching trainings. 

My wife Patrizia and I live with our daughter at beautiful lake Zurich. In my free time I enjoy being in the nearby mountains or on the water. 


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