Garima Deveshwar Bahl

I believe that in each of us exists the untaught, innate capacity to nurture and inspire others. I coach leaders for this reality to emerge for both coach and client. It creates a safe, vulnerable and loving space to build self–awareness, challenge long–standing patterns, and do the work needed to grow. I also assist teams to understand their performance needs and dynamics for deeper organisational impact.

It took me a few years of working behind a desk as a health economist to understand that my passion was to be in a practice that involved more meaningful human connection. I spent over a decade working as a public health professional, designing and delivering programs and being close to the ground. As a leader of an organization during this time, I experienced the benefit of coaching first hand. A number of fortunate chance meetings nudged me into starting a leadership coaching practice. Along the way I trained with McKinsey & Co. which opened a wider landscape of practice and helped me learn from other practitioners.

I serve on the Board of India Development Review, an online media platform. I am committed to a practice of breathing and meditation and integrate this into my work. I live in Mumbai with my husband and two sons. I enjoy travel, music and the arts.


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