Marieke Ebbing

As a leader of change and transformation, my purpose is to realize the full potential of people and organizations. I help people develop, find their purpose and help them find out what they really want to do in life. I also develop and realize transformations at organizational level. Clients value my strategic business sense and my understanding of mindsets and behaviors. 

I worked for six years at McKinsey & Company, latest in as an engagement manager, where I focused on strategic and organizational topics. I co–developed and deliver the ‘Young Leaders Forum’ and took a coaching course at CTI (Coaches Training Institute). I set up two social organizations: The Young Consultant: a non–profit consultant, run by students. And the Missing Middle, a meso–finance organization providing meso–loans to entrepreneurs in Uganda. I got my bachelor and master in Finance at the University of Amsterdam and did an MBA at INSEAD  in Singapore and France. 

I live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. I love being outdoors, travelling, race biking, (tour)skiing, ice skating, doing yoga and recently started kite surfing.

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