Claude Hoffmann

My purpose is to lead individual and teams beyond what they think possible, by helping them to discover themselves and unleash their energy and talents. 

I’m particularly focused on top teams of organizations of any size, as long as they are looking for the next level in terms of business, personal and collective growth.
I’m known to take my clients on learning journeys which blend together business strategy, personnel and team development.
My clients usually refer to my calm and ability to build trust. At the same time, I’m known to enable difficult and deep conversations.

My first real job was to lead a large non for profit organization focused on informal education for youths in France. After my MBA I worked in strategy consulting for 10 years. I went on to look elsewhere for the missing link of our strategic and transformation efforts: people and their aspirations, personal equations, skills and limitations. I ended up designing and leading learning programs all over the world for senior executives of mostly successful companies.

I’m married to a well known French sociologist who helps me keep in touch with the academic world. We live in Paris, France, with our 16 year old smart beauty. Her sister is doing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in the US. When not working, I’m usually found behind a book, or in the kitchen. A student of ancient texts, I find inspiration in their wisdom and stories.



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