Georgia Parker

My purpose is to illuminate the path for those who seek their freedom, in their leadership, professional and personal lives. 

My work is in facilitation and coaching to support others to find their authentic, best self, and in doing so maximize their effectiveness as leaders. My values of presence and compassion help create deep rapport through powerful listening. I have a straightforward, transparent approach as both a leader and a team player that ensures others find me easy, reliable and inspiring to work with. I am valued by clients for bringing a deep belief in the power of individuals to transform, which supports and reinforces their self–belief to choose how to be. I have an open–hearted appreciation of others’ strengths, gifts and opportunities,  and the ability to bring playfulness and magic into the room at the appropriate moment.

I have a strong sense of adventure and love to combine travel with work, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and integrating the learning about new ways being. I am inspired to align body, mind and spirit through healthy nutrition with an understanding of neuroscience and a focus on wellbeing and stress management practices. I love animals and nature,  and have an increasing sense of wanting to make a difference to the planet through sustainable environmental practices, commerce and products. Creating beautiful environments in which people can feel safe and free to be themselves is also a passion in terms of sharing my home in Manchester with Airbnb guests, friends and family.



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