Our History

Aberkyn has grown based on the perspective that ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ need to go hand in hand to fulfil an organization’s purpose.

Aberkyn’s origins can be traced back 25 years to a young McKinsey partner who had recovered from cancer and attributed an important part of his cure to meditation. This experience transformed his professional outlook. Working with leading specialists in transformational change, he developed an approach that integrated the hard and soft side of business: performance improvement and leadership transformation.

A group of facilitators was formed to meet the growing demand for this work. Aberkyn was created in 2012 as a natural next step, to attract and develop exceptional practitioners, and to ensure seamless delivery to clients.

The combined force of McKinsey and Aberkyn is a distinctive innovation in consulting – to serve clients with truly integrated performance and health interventions at scale.

Our Name: Where rivers meet, communities come to life.

Aber, of Celtic origin, refers to a confluence of waters, where rivers join together.

The river is an important metaphor for our work: from a river’s source, energy builds, gains momentum and cascades. As it develops, the river is joined by many different streams and becomes a powerful force.

This pervades all that we do: the combined focus on performance and health in organizations, the Aberkyn/McKinsey partnership, our local and global work, and the nature of our relationship with our clients.

Kyn is the Old Norse form of Kin and represents our aim to nurture kinship and community.

Aber and kyn are a natural fit – traditionally, communities have developed at places where rivers meet.

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