9–day System Dynamics Training

Constellations is a method to explore the half– and subconscious dynamics and patterns in organizational systems. Identifying those patterns and dynamics can help to deal with them more effectively, let them go or even change them.

In this 9–day training (3×3 days) we will spend more than half of the time in practical work, in small groups or in larger groups. We do constellations, one of the methods of working systemically. Systemic perception and attitude of the facilitator will be the red thread during the training. We have the intention to coach everyone individually during the program, and to support participants to find out what their preferred style is.

Dates & venues: 

Module I: to be confirmed.

Module II: to be confirmed.

Module III: to be confirmed.

Tuition fee:
€3.850,– excluding VAT, travel & lodging.

For more information: please contact academy@aberkyn.com

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