Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

We fully support McKinsey’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in business, in society and within the firm.

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Aberkyn is a partnership of transformation leadership facilitators. We founded Aberkyn with McKinsey & Company in 2012.

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Stay connected with our blog on topics such as growing consciousness, how leaders develop, business as a force for good, and health of organizations.

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Aberkyn in The Time of Covid-19


In these unprecedented times, we are following closely developments around the world related to the Covid-19 virus and its effects on people, organisations, communities, nature and ultimately our nature of beings. We acknowledge that the impact of Covid-19 will be long term; it will affect countless lives and livelihoods.


We hold close all those who work with us; we provide support at any time to ensure we all stay safe and are looked after and cared for. And caring does not cease where the virus stops: it also encompasses the economic and societal consequences.


Together with our clients we are doing what is needed now. Already most of our work can be delivered virtually. We have developed specific ways to coach leaders through crisis, lead virtual teams, and promote health & wellbeing in times of uncertainty.


These times – present and future - call for novel and original leadership. How do we combine and balance crisis management, remote working, virtual reality care for others while stretching our professional and personal horizons? What is truly becoming possible now and in the new future?


People in many organisations show exceptional resilience and flexibility. The speed of adopted change is tremendous. In our conversations with leaders we explore how to transform and incite others to help us create a new normal where we embed the ability to adapt.


Together we can shape a collective future; and can seize this opportunity to change how we all work with each other, how our societies will function, and how we will value our environment. In this, we are of service to co-create and help shape the next normal toward a more balanced world.

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