Wilderness Trails

Wilderness Trail

Aberkyn Wilderness Trails are learning experiences in nature.

Allow nature to re–open your senses. Revisit your aspirations. Where are you today? Where do you want to go next? Grow, personally and professionally. All in the great outdoors.


Wilderness Trails

What to expect

We run trails for individuals and groups. Trails last between 3–5 days, and are suitable for people of all fitness levels.  

Trails involve hiking to base camp, setting intentions, nature walks, sharing stories and learnings at the camp fire, and time for personal reflection.

A solo experience is a key part of the wilderness trail. Time spent alone, with only basic essentials, away from all other human interaction. This can be the catalyst to take your self–awareness to the next level, helping you become a better leader.

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Trail Principles


We tend to overcomplicate the world and our work. Nature’s simplicity puts your challenges into perspective. 


There’s power in silence. It creates space for intuition. It helps you see, think and feel things differently. Solutions emerge without effort.


Break out of your comfort zone, in a challenging, and safe, environment. 


Feel your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects connect. Use this connection to become a better leader.

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  • A quiet mind
  • A strong connection to your body
  • All your senses re–opened
  • Deep reflection on your experiences so far, and where you want to go next
  • Heightened sense of clarity
  • New perspectives from your fellow travellers
  • New centering skills, such as meditation

…and all in a condensed time frame.

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Wilderness trails take place in remote and secluded nature areas.

Current destinations include beautiful nature reserves in:

  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

If you have a particular location in mind, we can arrange a bespoke trail. From Bhutan and the Himalayas to South Africa, the Rockies and Patagonia, the choice is yours. 

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Each trail is led by Aberkyn wilderness facilitators and certified wilderness guides. 

Your facilitators and guides are trained to keep you safe and help you get the most out of the experience. 

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Open Invite Trail Programme

Open Invite Trails are for individuals focused on personal growth.

Solalex, Switzerland

July 5th – 8th 2017 (4 days)

Solalex, Switzerland

Personal Development Trail

Open to Aberkyn Community members
Subscription closed.

Hardangervidda, Norway

Sep 26th – 29th 2017 (4 days)

Hardangervidda, Norway

Personal Development Trail

Open to individuals, groups and Aberkyn Community members
8 places left

Please get in touch to find out more 


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Wilderness Trail

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

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